Outcome Technology Associates

We Are OTA (Outcome Technology Associates)

Provider of digital investigative, eDiscovery and litigation support services.

Created in 1998, Outcome Technology Associates is one of the most experienced and capable providers of digital investigative, litigation support and incident response services. More than investigators, we are specialists in reducing risk and maximizing value for our clients and their legal teams when dealing with high-stakes digital evidence. Our staff are qualified experts in digital forensics and investigations in three separate US District Courts. We have handled cases where the stakes have ranged from thousands to billions of dollars of potential liability and our clients include some of the most well known and respected companies and law firms, internationally. Relying on experience in hundreds of cases dealing with all aspects of  information technology we advise our clients and their legal representatives of the costs, benefits, risks and rewards of various strategies for protecting and presenting digital evidence. We have performed in-depth digital investigations throughout continental US, as well as in Canada, Eastern and Western Europe and Asia.

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